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Marty L. Ward Transformation Strategist in Melbourne, FL

Offers Premier Training for
Personal and Professional Development.
Master Trainer, Marty L. Ward, is an Internationally Acclaimed Transformation Strategist and Success Coach based in Melbourne and around the world.

Turn Procrastination into the Jet Fuel for Success to Make the Difference You Want

Guiding You to Move Forward

Marty L. Ward understands stuck, struggling and feeling like a failure as a result of her personal journey of being worth over a million dollars to having just $7.41 in her bank account. 

Through her experience, she figured out how to breakthrough her own procrastination and depression. From there, she created a proven system to help others to transform their challenges. 

Marty shares her proven system and offers dynamic, engaging training that has you believing in yourself so strongly that no one can steal your confidence.  Also, you create relationships that are meaningful, fulfilling and fun. This sense of wellbeing ripples out to impact your professional success.

An accomplished author, coach and motivational speaker


Personal & Professional Development Melbourne

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Results of Civility Leadership Training

Would you like, “50% reduction in stress and conflict at home and work.”

Heather Walcott, teacher and counselor, shares what happened for her after taking the Confidence Builds Success Civility Training on this video.

Chris Price, a teacher at Brevard Achievement Center, speaks on the value of knowing a special way to look for the good in each child and see the uniqueness that they contribute to the class with their Talents, Abilities and Gifts (TAGs)SM

Jonathan Schuman, high school teacher in Palm Bay, FL  says he had a "50% decrease referrals for disciplinary action, the students are 20% less resistant to changing their negative behavior, 10% improvement in overall grades.”

Glenn Tillman, high school teacher Houston, Texas, won Teacher of the Year 2018. He attributes the confidence he gained from taking the course to have increased his chances of winning by 30-40%.

This transformational training includes:

Personal and Professional Development
You will be trained in a proven system that uses the next evolution in personal development to impact professional results. In schools and children and youth nonprofit organizations, teachers, administration, SRO Officers, mentors and counselors learn to create Good Looking SchoolsSM , Good Looking ClassroomsSM  and organizations where everyone looks for the good in everyone to make bullying obsolete and civility a way of life. Entrepreneurs, businesses, hospitals, nursing homes increase their bottom line, make the desired difference, and create a culture of dignity, civility and respect.

Problem Solving
Get outside the box solutions that bring immediate results to dispel limiting beliefs and awakens new possibilities.

You will connect effectively to bring out the best in others so they can remember who they are in the fullest version of themselves.

Emotional Intelligence 
You will effectively apply Emotional Intelligence to generate understanding, connection, and consistent long-term results. 
Mindset Specialist 
Reset your mindset with a proven a system that transforms procrastination into consistent action.

Sales Coach 
With the skills you learn using a proven system, your sales will increase 10% - 200% in three – six months.

Personal & Professional Development Melbourne

Civility Leadership Training

Personal and Professional Development Training for Educators, Business Owners, Community Leaders, Individuals

  • Realize the root causes of your frustration with your business, relationships, and finances. 
  • Unleash your passion and feel rejuvenated and inspired again. 
  • Identify your core strengths and how to use them. 
  • Understand your greatest fear and challenge that are holding you back. 
  • Learn the right words to reach clients and those you love because they will feel you understand them. 

Make a Difference

Don’t give up on yourself anymore. Instead take yourself by the hand and move consistently forward. Have both feet on the gas and feel safe and secure as you follow through confident in who you are. 

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Personal & Professional Development Melbourne

Effective strategies that make a huge difference in your personal and professional life


Why Trust Marty?


Marty is known for the wisdom to transform challenges into empowered action, awareness into cooperation from children and the knowledge and passion to help you.


Leadership, public speaking and training, personal and professional development strategies for profit and impact.

Other Skills

Sales Coach, Stress Management, Success Coach, Emotional Intelligence, Business Consulting, Mindset Specialist to take you to your next level.

Through Speaking, Training, Coaching, or Consulting, Marty inspires educators, entrepreneurs, business owners, and care givers, to make the difference they want in less time with less effort.

Contact Marty to find out more about the impact she can have on your life or business. Book a consult now!


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