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About Marty L. Ward

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About Marty L Ward, MSW, CSSW

Marty L Ward, noted author, dynamic certified international speaker and trainer and founder of the nonprofit, Confidence Eliminates Bullying Inc. 501c3 and Confidence Builds Success Academy, Inc, "There is Nothing to Fix, just more of You to Discover." It is her passion and mission to create adults and kids who believe in themselves so much that no one can steal their confidence from them.

The reason this is so important for Marty is she has known for decades the devastating effects bullying can have. In fact, Marty went from being worth a million dollars to have $7.41 in her bank account due to believing the mean words of the bully instead of believing in herself. 

She has had articles published in Huffington Post, Everything Brevard Magazine, as seen on CNBC, ABC, FOX, national TV in Uganda and Channel 13 News Orlando, and 1000s have heard her on radio shows in Uganda and USA. As a keynote speaker, she has addressed audiences on education, business, and Emotional Intelligence, to name a few. In 2017, Confidence Eliminates Bullying, Inc. won the Business Acceleration Network Award for Business Acceleration.

Using her knowledge gained as a successful entrepreneur since in her 30s, as a teacher, school base social worker, community leader, with certifications in Emotional Intelligence, she created a proven step-by-step internationally certified interactive training that has changed the lives over 50,000 teachers, parents, pastors, business owners, community leaders and children around the world. Her Confidence and Success Leader Training is validated by the International Trainer’s Consortium. There are five Confidence Builds Success Academy offices in Uganda as well as her Civility Leadership Training is taught at Kayiwa International University and online and in person in Central Florida and where ever you request her to present.

A winning mindset has guided 100s of entrepreneurs and business owners to increase their income and have a greater sense of well-being and joy; educators get greater cooperation in the classroom and students believe in themselves rather than the mean words of the bully; pastors have congregations where a win/win culture is created.

Marty’s vision is to create a world where relationships are so meaningful that everyone is a confidence booster vs fault finder, and no one wants to hurt themselves or others. Her revolutionary training programs teach adults and children how to Appreciate, Accept, and Acknowledge (A3) themselves and others and to be Compassionate, Connected, and Confident (C3) to create a New Equation for World Humanity TM = (A3) + (C3).

Marty says, “Being You Matters, and when you embrace this knowledge,

an elevated appreciation for yourself and humanity is cultivated.”