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Confidence Builds Success Academy trains educators and parents how to give the bullied a voice and bully redirection.

Personal & Professional Development Melbourne

Decreasing the Impact of Bullying Through Confidence

Educators and parents lean how to give the bullied a voice and bully redirection. They discover how to manage disruptive, disrespectful students with less stress and conflict.

They discover how to manage disruptive, disrespectful students with less stress and conflict. Together we can have bullying become obsolete and civility a way of life. 

Imagine a world where everyone looks for the good in others. The Academy is all about creating Good Looking SchoolsSM with Good Looking ClassesSM with Good Looking TeachersSM who are creating Good Looking StudentsSM where everyone is looking for the good in each other. 

When we see kids for who they are, they cooperate. They develop confidence, resilience, compassion and leadership and are less likely to hurt themselves or others.

Using social emotional training, teachers, administrators, SRO Officers, and counselors are taught what to say and how to say it so students cooperate, conflict is more easily resolved, and the bully is transformed into a leader. 

How we do that
With personal and professional development training that creates Emotionally Intelligent leaders who create a culture of dignity, civility and harmony.

When this training is used by or applied to children, they learn to believe in themselves rather than the mean words of the bully. 
Teachers, administrators, parents and other care givers feel more confident and have a greater sense of well-being.

Children cooperate more easily, are more resilient in the face of adversity, and are less likely to hurt themselves or others. 

Teachers and administrators have tools to use to decrease suspensions, feel more fulfilled, less burned out and have school a place everyone wants to be.

The success ripple effect of a greater sense of well-being impacts not only the experience at work, but also in families and with improved health. 

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TAGTalk with Marty

TAGTalk with Marty- Creating Confident, Resilient Kids #TAGTalkwithMarty

Talk TAG with children. tell them how Talented, Able and Gifted (TAGs) they are. As you Talk TAG with children, they will develop confidence knowing they are OK exactly as they are.

More confident, they will be able to problem-solve more easily. Also, you will feel more at peace as you focus on what you want and get their cooperate more easily.

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We have lots of great resources for parents to get kids cooperation and respect, have more fun together, develop their confidence and resilience and for you to have more time for you. 

USA Programs

Confidence Builds Success Academy provides specialized Civility Leadership Training for educators and nonprofit community leaders so that bullying become obsolete and civility becomes a way of life.

We have a 4 Step training curriculum to build:

  • Confidence 
  • Resilience
  • Compassion
  • Leadership

Each component gives crucial skills in personal development to bring professional development results. We focus on creating adults who believe in themselves so strongly that no one can steal their confidence from them. They learn how to take those skills and use them out in the world with children, coworkers, and family. This training is ideal for educators and community leaders because the soft skills that are being learned decreases turnover and increases job satisfaction.  

Personal & Professional Development Melbourne

If you don’t believe the bully, you are not hurt. We are making bullying obsolete is by training adults to protect our children and themselves from the impact of the rain of words of the bully by believing in themselves so strongly that they do not believe the mean words of the bully.

With more emotionally intelligent, confident, resilient, compassionate, leaders, all children, including the bully, are guided to develop their character and express who they are to reach their fullest potential. Discipline problems and suicide decrease and cooperation and civility become a way of life. As kids and adults know they matter, they will not want to hurt themselves or others. 

Civility Leadership Training is held online and in person in Melbourne, Florida. 

Go to Contact Marty to get more information on how you can bring this specialized training to your school or organization. Together we can make bullying obsolete and civility a way of life. 


Results of Civility Leadership Training

Would you like, “50% reduction in stress and conflict at home and work.”

Heather Walcott, teacher and counselor, shares what happened for her after taking the Confidence Builds Success Civility Training on this video.

Chris Price, a teacher at Brevard Achievement Center, speaks on the value of knowing a special way to look for the good in each child and see the uniqueness that they contribute to the class with their Talents, Abilities and Gifts (TAGs)SM

Jonathan Schuman, high school teacher in Palm Bay, FL  says he had a "50% decrease referrals for disciplinary action, the students are 20% less resistant to changing their negative behavior, 10% improvement in overall grades.”

Glenn Tillman, high school teacher Houston, Texas, won Teacher of the Year 2018. He attributes the confidence he gained from taking the course to have increased his chances of winning by 30-40%.

AFRICA Programs

In 2015 my life changed forever. Pastor Buni Alex, who had been bullied as a child, took my book “Get Clear, Get Confident, Get Going” off a pile of books to be burned at a church in Tanzania and contacted me to know more. In 2 years, Buni became our TAG 4 Change Africa Liaison and reached over 10,000 students & 1,500 pastors, teachers, and parents.

By the time I arrived, we had a team of 5: Pastor Modi Emmanuel Victor, Peduni Esther, Musheb Feni Richard, Pastor Nsubuga Frederick and Luyijja Mugagga and our program well established in 10 schools and churches.

Personal & Professional Development Melbourne

Joining me on this trip was Christina Stuart, Christina Stuart Photography, our dedicated and well-loved photojournalist.

She was a “child magnet!” Everywhere we went, the children gathered around her and squealed with joy when they saw their picture. This album reveals her special gift as a photographer.

Kids drinking water from puddles is just NOT Ok! How about being a part of saving 12,800 kids from dirty water! You can do something about it with your SPONSORSHIP of a Water Filter and Soccer Ball.

For 3 glorious weeks, we squeezed into our Toyota van singing and laughing our way through Uganda. We called it our “Love Bubble” because of the love shared between us.

Our mission as a team was to Eliminate Bullying/caning of children and wives by sharing the next evolution in personal and child development principles so that children and adults can believe in themselves rather than the mean words and deeds of the bully. We showed them how to see each other as the gift they are and to know that BEING ME MATTERS.

The homes & restaurants in the countryside had no running water or electricity. Some had solar power. Food was prepared on open fires and came directly from farm to table. We bathed in plastic tubs with boiled water. Toilets were outhouses. We carried our personal supply of toilet paper wherever we went.

Uganda is a country and people of constant contrast:

  • Loving, caring, joyous enthusiastic people believed to be a good parent or husband they had to cane their children and wives.
  • They navigate narrow, rutted, roads dotted with people, animals and bushes with grace and ease and yet the aggression of a prize fighter getting through a crowd.
  • While they have no running water or toilets in the countryside, they are always neat, clean and washed. They sweep the dirt in front of their homes and businesses.

A leftover cultural pattern from the British rule is women curtsey and kneel to greet you. They are expected to serve men and do not eat with the men or guests. They work hard morning til night. Many are business women. They farm, create arts and crafts, bake, teach, nurse, pastor and run schools.

Can you help? We have just 11 more water filters to go! Kids drinking water from puddles is just NOT Ok! Help us reach the 12,800 kids in our other schools!

Through the generous donations of 10 supporters of Confidence Eliminates Bullying, Inc 501c3, all 10 schools that use our TAG 4 Change philosophy, received a water filter and soccer ball!

They will have 300 gallons of clean water a day for 10 years to nurture their bright minds. Instead of a soccer ball made of banana leaves and plastic bags tied together with string, they now have a real soccer ball. As creative as theirs was, they love having a leather one!

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Marty went back to Uganda for 5 weeks in November-December 2018.

TAG for Change Africa Movement has now reached over 80,000 children, teachers, pastors and parents! 

We established a TAG 4 Change Scholarship program. Through the generosity of our community, 25 children are attending school, being fed, clothed and drinking clean water. They now know that we believe their dream counts and that BEING ME MATTERS!

Pastor Owino Simon Peter used the philosophy that I taught throughout Uganda of focus on what you want from children rather than want you don’t want. Not only did the children cooperate, but they also voluntarily went and put on their shoes!

If you could click on the link and donate and then share this link to help us ensure Marty can take a filter to every school, the kids and their parents would deeply appreciate it!

The statistics of the schools, Churches and Communities reached by TAG 4 CHANGE Africa movement ltd courtesy of confidence builds success academy, inc.

As of March 2019

Centres Schools Children Churches Parents Communities Parents or Adults
Kayunga 22 23,418 18 4,921 16 8,904
Bugiri/Idudi 14 20,143 8 1,833 4 317
Kampala 12 2,360 6 1,200 1 78
Mpici/Kalungu 7 3,040 3 130 5 246
Rakai/Isigiro 5 2,855 13 843 2 118
Ganga-Kenya 1 318 1 343 nil nil 
Totals 61 52,194 49 9,270 28 9,689


Results of our Program in Uganda:

Children's Attitude: Children have started putting on new glasses.They can now fore see their future.They now Know that success is not a matter of environmant but discovering how Talented Able & Gifted they are. They always talk of their TAGs.Children now believe that they were born with everything that can make them successful and happy

TEACHERS: Teachers have been inspired to believe in themselves more and to believe in the children.Schools now have good teachers/children relationships

SCHOOLS DISTRICTS: They always comment that the of children's absenting has reduced, "children now attend School regularly."

Few Directors also commented parents are visiting their Scholl Offices for appreciations because their children's conduct is changing, they are growing obedient and could listen to parent advice

Kids drinking water from puddles is just NOT Ok! How about being a part of saving 12,800 kids from dirty water! Know more about it HERE