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Video is Shot by a 10 yr old student in 2016 at an Elementary School in Orange CO., Florida

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What if Everything You Knew About Discipline is Wrong?

Bullying in the Workplace

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Use the Power You Have To Get What You Want

Right now, we could all use some magic. We wish that the Coronavirus would lose its crown and go away, and that our government would provide more consistent and effective support to those in such great need. 

The Lesson of Dumbo

You remember the Disney version of the story of Dumbo, the baby elephant at the circus who was made fun of for his big ears. Dumbo ended up alone, abandoned because his mom was locked up after she tried to defend Dumbo from all the children’s bullying. Then the circus owners humiliated Dumbo by dressing him up like a clown and made him do dangerous stunts.

You, too, may feel alone, beaten up, bullied, and humiliated by all the is happening right now.  Finding ways to make it through the maze of government paperwork, finding a job, raising the kids, pivoting your business, working from home, making the budget work, and then teaching the children is too much.
Dumbo ended up meeting Timothy Q Mouse. Timothy wanted to encourage Dumbo to use what seemed like a detriment – those great big ears – to make him believe in himself.

He fooled Dumbo into believing that the feather he gave him was a “magic feather.” He convinced him if he just held onto the feather and flapped his great big ears he could fly.

Transform Adversity into Action

Like Dumbo, we all have anTAGonists - situations, aspects of ourselves, people in our life -  that seem to get in the way of us moving forward. We see them as holding us back, keeping us down from reaching our full potential.

Right now, your anTAGonist could be the impact of all the losses that have happened because of COVID – loss of a job, time, money, and freedom.

Your anTAGonist could be feeling your options are limited or it could be the bully in your head telling you that you are “not good enough.”

Why I spell anTAGonist with TAG capitalized is the challenges you have in life are there to awaken you to evolve your Talents, Abilities, and Gifts (TAGs). Your anTAGonist becomes your blessed proTAGonist that encourages you to develop more of who you are.

Dumbo evolved his anTAGonist of big ears into a proTAGonist that brought cheers from the admiring audience.

His newfound Talent to fly and soar above the crowd happened by him:

  • Evolving his Abilities to be athletic, inventive, imaginative, and determined 
  • Giving the Gift of surprising the audience, bringing joy and laughter  
  • Most of all, to inspire the crowd to see they too can transform adversities into new possibilities.

As you remember in the story of Dumbo, there was a moment when he lost his “magic feather.” As he doubted himself, he stopped flapping his ears – the very power he needed to be a success – and started to lose altitude.

Is that happening for you too? Is your anTAGonist really that you are doubting your ability to find a solution to your situation or to learn a new skill that you need in this COVID world?


Your magic lies within by using the power you have to get what you want. You can transform your anTAGonist into your proTAGonist by being inspired to develop one of your Talents or Abilities or Gifts to solve your challenge by looking at it in a whole new way.

Better yet, what if you believed in you just as you are in this moment. What if by not doubting your TAGs and instead VALUING and HONORING who you are, gave you back your energy and enthusiasm to get your momentum going to soar high again?

That is what Dumbo did. He realized his magic/power was his belief that he COULD DO IT!

He had the TAGs to keep him successfully flying high. He just needed to use the power he had. He did what had done to get soaring in the first place – he flapped his ears and WOWed the audience! 

Know that you are not broken. 
There is Nothing to Fix; Just More of You to Discover! 
Your magic lies within by using the power you have 
to get what you want.

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TAGTalk with Marty Building a Solid Relationship

Build a solid structure for your relationship with children to thrive. Focus on developing your relationship rather than on their behavior. Think, "Will this interaction build them up or tear them down?" 

Listen in and get ideas on how to have nurturing, supportive interactions so you and your children can feel great about each other. Consider the impact of masks on a child's ability to pick up on social cues. See how you can guide them to greater understanding.

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Parent Quick Tips - Take Children Seriously

With all that is happening with COVID, children are stressed out too. We need to see their behavior as a way to let us know they have something going on underneath.

Listen in and discover how taking them seriously can resolve the problem.

Parent Quick Tips with Marty happens every Friday at 12:45 - 1:15 pm. EST Live in the TAGTalk Mindful Parenting Group. It is a time you can ask me the questions and get immediate tips you can use to get results. Join the group TAGTalk Mindful Parenting Group  Like the page and comment.

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