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Civility Training

Bring stability into your personal and professional life, by working with Marty L. Ward ​​​​​​

Confidence Brings Stability in Life

Marty L. Ward’s Confidence Builds Success Civility Leadership Training teaches civility for personal and professional development.

Through character development, you learn to inspire yourself and/or members of schools, churches, homes and businesses to connect, communicate, work toward a common goal, increase productivity and get desired results. 

As the American Poet E.E. Cummings says, “Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.”

Our services

  • Personal & Professional Development
  • Making Bullying Obsolete Through Developing Confidence
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Civility Leadership Training
  • International Motivational & Inspirational Speaker
  • Transformation Strategist and Business Consultant
  • Success & Life Coach

Our guarantees

  • Professional, Expert Advice and Guidance
  • Effective Success Strategies
  • The Skills to Dispel Limiting Beliefs and Awaken New Possibilities
  • The Mindset to Feel Empowered to Do Something About Challenges
  • The Proven System to Know Your Value and Consistently Move Forward


  • Melbourne
  • Orlando
  • Brevard County
  • Around the World
 Stability training Melbourne Orlando

Mental and emotional stability in life


Key Outcomes of the Program

The purpose of the training is to learn how to connect successfully and live well with others bringing civility, harmony, and grace into all relationships.

In schools and businesses, it brings ground-breaking solutions to decrease the effect that bullying has, and decreases discipline problems and the desire to hurt themselves or others. 

Schools, homes, and corporations can become a place where relationships are so meaningful that everyone treats each other with Civility.

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 Stability training Melbourne Orlando

Ground breaking solutions


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