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Individual Development

Our coaching gives outside the box solutions that work in less time and with less effort. Get to the heart of the matter with straight-forward answers to age old challenges. Get Clear on what is holding you back. Get Confident on how to be influential at home, work and in your community. Get Going on turning overwhelm and confusion into clarity and focused attention.

Michele Piccione went from Anxious to Energized and Tripling Sales - from 2 contracts a week to 7 by Wednesday.


  • Remember who you are in the fullest version of yourself.
  • Ignite possibilities to live the life you choose.
  • Dispel limiting beliefs and awaken your hidden potential.


  • See the evolutionary role of feelings as guides who support you.
  • Turn doubt into determination and feel more empowered and in-charge.
  • Transform frustration and depression into demonstrating more of who you are.


  • Give yourself and others the support and encouragement needed to achieve goals.
  • Develop trust through communication that inspires other’s growth.
  • Know why people do what they do and effect the greatest change.


  • Foster dignity, civility and harmony within all relationships.
  • Increase productivity and resolve problems more easily.
  • Develop a sense of belonging, and ownership so everyone is engaged.

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About Coaching

Kick Start Your Life and Business Programs

The Kick Start Your Life and Business Coaching is designed for people who want to master their self-awareness and have enough time and access to me needed to integrate the wisdom and skills that you will be learning. 

The Kick Start Program you choose will give you the tools to know exactly what is needed in the moment to be at peace, to breakthrough stumbling blocks every time, to feel great about yourself, and create a bodacious bank account in less time. 

VIP Half-Day
During your VIP, we will uncover and explore the core issues that hold you back. You will be given tools to break through these stumbling blocks and to turn them into empowered action. I will be present to whatever you need as we go through the session. No matter what the challenge, I take the sting out and have you see past challenges from a fresh perspective. 

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Confidence Eliminates Bullying Melbourne Orlando Brevard County

Contact Marty for a Free Consultation to determine whether the Platinum, Gold or Silver Kick Start Package will serve you best.

In-Depth Coaching Sessions
Your In-Depth Coaching Sessions will give you access to my wisdom, precise and on target questions, and solutions so that you can have the self-awareness and skills to gain mastery of your Emotional Intelligence and how to apply it to work and to live a rich and fulfilled life. 

Laser Accountability Calls
Your Laser Accountability Calls support you in integrating little by little, week by week, the wisdom your emotions have to offer to guide you each day to know what you need to feel confident and secure in who you are and what to do next to support your growth. 

Value in Your Evolution
Over the course of our time together, you will learn how to place your value on the evolution of your Talents, Abilities and Gifts (TAGs) and to become convinced that you have what it takes to live life on your terms, liking who you are and championing your success. 

Group Coaching

“You can’t get from anyone else what you can get from Marty.  BIBP Mastermind is an experience that changes your life.

The process is done in away no one else I have ever met can do it.  The materials and system Marty uses is unmatched in the coaching world.” - Brian Baird, The Effective Way – Great Vibes = Great Tribes

Do you often times wonder what is wrong, because despite all your efforts your income is nowhere near what you want it to be?

Are you ready to discover proven strategies that bust through what’s holding you back?

Do you want to know once and for all that you have what it takes to make the difference you want and the profit you want in less time and with less effort?  If the answer is “YES!”, then the Big Impact Big Profit Mastermind Group is for you….

In this group I’m going to show you how to:

  • Breakthrough Your Resistance
  • Experience the Pleasure of Being You
  • Ignite Your Passion
  • See your momentum build
  • Have the Impact You Desire
  • Get More Profit
  • Best of All – Have Peace of mind

To schedule your free 15-minute consultation and get things started, book your session now!

And what if being able to do all that meant that all your income goals were no longer impossible, but totally possible!

I have been much more positive, happier, and I’m not letting things get to me. I’m enjoying my day.  I am working on a record month.  I started the month with nothing on my schedule and between referrals and just following up with other customers, I have sold $23,000 in the pest control this month. I mean it’s just been incredible.

~Debbie-Lloyd-Lee, ASAP Pest Control.

I feel safe within myself like I never have before. My relationship with myself, my loving husband, amazing sisters, and members of WPN, is more connected, richer, and fulfilling. 

Thank you, Marty, for showing me how to have more fun, joy, and fulfillment doing what I love and feeling great about who I am.

~ Trish Carr

My relationships with all the members of my family are the best ever. You helped me get over my stumbling blocks and put my true potential to the test.  My sales are up by 500% in just two months!

~Amy Lucus

Monetize your resistance - Breakthrough to a Life of Passion, Impact and Profit

Join and Get a Free 60 Min Kick Start Your Life and Business Breakthrough Session (Value $250)

Free 5 Personalities Survey. Know yourself. Discover your greatest fear and greatest challenge. Understand them and how to transform them into the ability to create them into living a life you love.

We will have a Group Zoom Mastermind with One-on One time with me where you’ll get to ask me questions and receive the same focused attention I give my private clients. To ensure you get the most out of the experience, you will give to and get the group's input, wisdom, support, and encouragement.


  • Get support and encouragement from a group
  • A fresh perspective on where you are and how to get where you want to go
  • Be reassured and inspired with new insights
  • Enjoy the camaraderie, utilize the skills, embarce the knowledge and make solid progress.


Big Impact Big Profit (BIBP) Mastermind Meets

Every Tuesday at Noon EST – 1:00 pm via Zoom

All sessions are recorded


Each week you will be given an idea, concept or situation to be explored. From that exploration and sharing of ideas, you will grow personally in a way that will impact your bottom line and the difference you are making at home and work.

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Imagine discovering that the greater the resistance, the greater the reward that is waiting for you.

Join the group and find out how to

Transform resistance into profit and procrastination into jet fuel.