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Professional Development

Marty L Ward provides personal and professional development training in Melbourne and around the world.

Professional Development Days or Workshops Available.

CARE Maximize Your Performance Training

Using a new behavior model based on Emotional Intelligence, CARE Training provides instruction to members of:

CARE Maximize Your Performance Training enhances social-emotional development and online engagement skills. This gives everyone a better understanding of their social-emotional needs to acheive greater personal and professional success. 

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Our services

  • Personal & Professional Development
  • Making Bullying Obsolete Through Developing Confidence
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Civility Leadership Training
  • International Motivational & Inspirational Speaker
  • Transformation Strategist and Business Consultant
  • Success & Life Coach

Our guarantees

  • Professional, Expert Advice and Guidance
  • Effective Success Strategies
  • The Skills to Dispel Limiting Beliefs and Awaken New Possibilities
  • The Mindset to Feel Empowered to Do Something About Challenges
  • The Proven System to Know Your Value and Consistently Move Forward


  • Melbourne
  • Orlando
  • Brevard County
  • Around the World
Personal & Professional Development Melbourne Orlando

A program that can help schools and businesses


Purpose of the Training

The core tenet of the CARE Philosophy is Being You Matters.  When you embrace this knowledge for yourself and others, an elevated appreciation for you and humanity is cultivated. 

By embracing and living the CARE Philosophy and implementing the tenets of being Confident, Aware, Resilient, and Empowered, you can create more trusting relationships and feel more empowered to take ownership of your success despite all odds. 

This social-emotional training, with a focus on Emotional Intelligence, offers mindset, skillsets and toolsets to manage the “New Normal” in these COVID times.

With a greater sense of belonging and working toward a higher goal, morale is boosted and retention, productivity and profits increase.


Personal & Professional Development Melbourne Orlando

Dynamic, Interactive, Engaging Training


Marty’s coaching strategy includes intelligent leadership skills and effective communication.

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