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Segal Solutions From 10K a year to 40K in 6 months

I am doing fantastic, I have much more positive, happier and I'm not letting things get to me.

I am enjoying my day. I have been busier than I have ever have, in fact I'm working on a record month. I have sold 23,000 in the pest control this month.

I started the month with nothing on my schedule and between referrals and just following up with other customers, 23k I mean it's just been incredible. Debble-Lloyd Lee, ASAP pest control

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“50% reduction in stress and conflict at home and work.”

Heather Walcott, teacher and counselor, shares her personal and professional results of the Confidence Build Success CARE Classroom Management Training.

Chris Price, a teacher at Brevard Achievement Center, speaks on the value of CARE Classroom Management Training and knowing a special way to look for the good in each child and see the uniqueness that they contribute to the class with their Talents, Abilities and Gifts (TAGs)SM


As a team, we were looking for ways to further develop our sales techniques. Marty's workshop went above and beyond our expectations. Or customize workshop address their specific needs and wants.

She provided our program with tools, resources, and ideas that will increase sales and set our customer service further apart from the rest.

After only a few weeks we are already seeing the benefits of your workshop. Nicolle Avery Masters, rethink Sr. Outreach Specialist 

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Marty has a way of bringing out the best in people. She gave our real estate team tools to improve our 60 second introduction so we can attract more clients in increase our sales results! Our agents have already been getting more prospects interested in working with them. 

When Marty shared her personal life stories with my team and her wisdom and empathy, she brought us all more inner peace and mental clarity so we can work more effectively. 

Marty has a special gift with the hunger to help, and we all feel extremely blessed to have her in our presence. Thank you, Marty for taking the time to help us out on our journey personally. We are truly thankful for you! Amy Lucus, Agency Team Coordinator Reliance Trust Realty 

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Max J Miller, Max Impact Marketing 
Marty’s approach is absolutely extraordinary. It doesn’t take very long. 
Marty has a way of zeroing in on your core strengths and having you take them in and get them.

Darien Hill, Smart Growth Marketing
Marty champions and believes so much in the people that she works with…She has pulled me up when so many times I wanted to give up. 


 Testimonies Melbourne Orlando

What I have taken from this training are lifelong skills that will assist me in efficiently communicating and understanding a multitude of individuals.

 I have learned to listen to what my gut/feelings have to say to me and how I can use this to my advantage in the present time. Overall, there has been a 75% reduction in stress, both in my personal and professional life. 

 I am now able to view others with "my TAG Eyes" by reminding them how Talented, Abled, Gifted and confident they uniquely are. These skills have improved the way I effectively communicate with our younger generations by an overall 50% increase. 
Thank you, Marty Ward.  Jully Hernandez, B.S.

Glenn Tillman, 2018 Teacher of the Year in Houston, Texas. He attributes the confidence he gained from the CARE Classroom Management Training to having increased his chances of winning by 30-40%.

 Testimonies Melbourne Orlando
 Testimonies Melbourne Orlando


Kirk Geweniger, SRO Officer The impact of TAGs on his personal and professional development.

This transformational training includes:

Personal and Professional Development
Using a proven system that uses the next evolution in personal development, you will achieve outstanding professional development results whether you are an entrepreneur or are a part of a school. business, hospital, or nursing home/care facility. 

Our CARE Maximize Your Performance Training decrease burnout, turnover and increases your bottom line, while creating a culture of dignity, civility and respect.

Problem Solving
Get outside the box solutions that bring immediate results to dispel limiting beliefs and awakens new possibilities.

You will connect effectively to bring out the best in others so they can remember who they are in the fullest version of themselves.

Emotional Intelligence 
You will effectively apply Emotional Intelligence to generate understanding, connection, and consistent long-term results.
Mindset Specialist
Reset your mindset with a proven a system that transforms procrastination into consistent action.

Sales Coach
With the skills you learn using a proven system, your sales will increase 10% - 200% in three – six months.

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Educator Training

In schools, the CARE TAG4Change Training provides educators all the desired elements to have an A rated school: social/emotional development, classroom management, positive school culture, diversity, restorative practices, foundational skills, supports research, and provides check lists and activities. Walk throughs, coaching and individual and group support is provided as well.

7 Magical Life Changing Mindset Tools