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Confidence Builds Success Civility Leadership Training is Dynamic, Engaging, and Interactive.

This training starts with YOU. Why?

Because you must have it, to give it. This is an opportunity for you to believe in yourself so strongly that no one can steal your confidence. What you will learn is the next evolution in personal and professional development. It is revolutionary in its approach and content.

It busts through myths that we have been taught and reveals new ideas that work. It is simple, yet profound. It puts new tools in your toolbox so you can be more resilient, have more fun as you enjoy yourself and life more fully.

There is a Personal Development Track and a Career Track. The personal development track brings professional development results for teachers, administrators, counselors, managers, nurses, care givers, employees, entrepreneurs, and business owners. The Civility Leadership Training focuses on developing confidence, resilience, compassion and leadership. You will learn how to connect successfully and live well with others bringing dignity, civility, respect into to all relationships.

The Career Track is for you if you want to take this training and make it a career. During this Mastery Level Training  you will work directly with the developer and founder, Marty L Ward, to learn the intricacies of this specialized training so that you can impact the lives of teachers, administrators, counselors, managers, nurses, care givers, employees, entrepreneurs, and business owners and enjoy financial success. By invitation only. 10 Graduates per year.

During the TAG Yourself for Success™ portion of the Confidence Builds Success Training (formerly TAG 4 Change Ambassador Training), Heather realized her Talent. And that she was a collaborator. Knowing that gave her renewed confidence.


School Programs

Would you like, “50% reduction in stress and conflict at home and work.” On this video Heather Walcott, teacher and counselor, shares what happened for her after taking the Confidence Builds Success Civility Training. 


  • Adults and children recognize their core strengths and value.
  • Trust is established fostering greater co-operation.
  • Students believe in themselves rather than in the bully’s mean words.


  • Transform disempowering feelings into effective action.
  • Identify and de-escalate conflicts to a peaceful conclusion.
  • Have classroom management be less stressful and feel more energized at the end of the day.


  • Understand students’ challenging behavior and how to address it.
  • Connect and communicate to get the results you want.
  • Know what motivates people to do what they do so there can be a peaceful resolution.


  • Develop a powerful sense of belonging, teamwork, and sense of responsibility.
  • Schools can be safer as everyone treats themselves and others with dignity, civility, and respect.
  • Improves attendance and decreases, bullying, detentions, suspensions, expulsions and suicide.

Marty inspires business owners and entrepreneurs to make the money they want in less time with less effort.

In Your business

We provide dynamic leadership and civility consulting and coaching that builds trust, empathy, resilience, and conflict resolution skills. Leaders are inspired to engage teammates and develop cultures focused on problem resolution, cooperation, and productivity.

The end result becomes an increased emotional investment in their work and a powerful sense of belonging and ownership for implementation.


  • Discover your core strengths and how to utilize them.
  • Gain flexibility and adaptability in dealing with crisis.
  • Feel more energized and enthusiastic at the end of the day.


  • Gain an evolutionary understanding of emotions that supports development of effective management skills.
  • Communicate effectively with difficult people to resolve challenging situations and increase productivity.
  • Quiet Mind Chatter and feel more empowered and in-charge.


  • Get the best from yourself and coworkers.
  • Develop trust through effective communication.
  • Feel empowered to doing something about your challenges.


  • Foster dignity, civility and harmony within your team.
  • Increase productivity with effective communication, collaboration and problem solving.
  • Increase retention, loyalty and commitment.

Trish Carr, co-founder of the Women’s Prosperity Network shares the value of working with Marty for personal and professional growth.

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Maximize Your Medical Team TRAINING

Benefits to the Hospital:

  • Clear Lines of Communication at All Levels
  • Fewer Absences Due to Illness or Injury
  • Higher Employee Retention Rate
  • Improved Job Satisfaction
  • Greater Efficiency
  • Outstanding Patient Care
  • Decreased Chance of Medical Errors
  • Cohesive Teamwork & Loyalty
  • Increased Bottom Line
  • Improved Morale

Harness the Power of Your Organization

Managers learn how to:

  • Maximize Their Team’s Potential
  • Optimize Leadership
  • Develop Greater Team Loyalty
  • Increase Productivity
  • Balance Demands with
  • Grace
  • Create their Action Plan to Best Develop & Support Their Team

Nurses Learn How to:

Stay Energized & Enthusiastic in a Challenging Workplace by knowing how to:

  • More Effectively Manage Difficult People and Situations
  • Transform Disempowering Beliefs into Empowered Action
  • Develop Strengths and Transform Weaknesses
  • Make the most of Their Emotional Intelligence
  • Go from Frustrated to Fulfilled
  • Decrease Stress and Improve Health
  • Create Their Action Plan to Avoid Burnout

Research indicates:
Nurse burnout, as measured by feelings of emotional exhaustion and lack of personal accomplishment, is a significant factor influencing how satisfied patients are with their care. (US NLM and NIH 2004)

“Job dissatisfaction among hospital nurses is 4 times greater than the average for all US workers, and 1 in 5 hospital nurses report that they intend to leave their current jobs within a year.” - (JAMA 2002)

“If hospitals could reduce their proportion of burned-out nurses to 10 percent from the 30 percent that is typical, they would…save $41 million. ‘It is costing hospitals more money not to spend money on nursing,’ said Linda H. Aiken, director of the Penn Nursing School's Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research.” - (Sapatkin 2012)

“…The U.S. faces a projected shortage of one million nurses by 2020 according to the Department of Health and Human Services.” - (HRSA 2014)

A survey of local nurses reports:

61.5% Unmanageable Workloads
50% Unreasonable Deadlines
47.6% Opinions Ignored
43% At Risk of Making Clinical Error
54.5% Work Negatively Impacts Health
59% Burned Out
50.7% Likely to Leave Nursing

(2015 Defining Your Business, LLC)

Marty L. Ward

Noted author of Get Clear Get Confident Get Going, dynamic speaker & engaging trainer, Marty uses her years as an entrepreneur, extensive coaching experience, and master’s in social work, to inspire health care providers to connect, communicate and excel.

Marty is the undisputed expert in how improve job satisfaction, avoid burnout, and to get staff to work as a cohesive team that supports and encourages each other to be their best.

Through cutting edge, straight-forward, engaging, interactive learning, participants learn step by step actions to:

  • More Effectively Manage Difficult People and Situations
  • Transform Overwhelmed into Energized
  • Increase Accuracy
  • Improve Health and Wellbeing
  • Have Greater Job Satisfaction

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Community and Religious Organizations

Leaders and staff of youth focused organizations (Scouts, Mentors, After School Programs, Foster Care, Orphanages, Teen Programs) can increase the impact of their programs by taking the Civility Leadership Training.

If developing children’s character, resourcefulness, confidence and resilience is a part of your goal, then this training is for your organization. By developing Emotionally Intelligent, confident, resilient, compassionate, leaders, children will learn to value, honor, and respect who they are, know the gift they give the world, and will be less likely to hurt themselves or others. 

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Parents and Children

Hi Parents, 
I wanted to let you know about some parenting resources so you can get more cooperation and respect from your children as you build their character and have more time for fun. 

You will get encouragement and proven ideas on how to create confident, resilient children who believe in themselves. 

Facebook TAGTalk Mindful Parenting Group 
Sign up to join us on TAGTalk Mindful Parenting Group on Facebook . You can get support, ask questions, share what matters to you, be heard, and get new tools for your parenting toolbox. 

Zoom TAGTalk Mindful Parenting Group 
The TAGTalk Mindful Parenting Group is a live opportunity to ask your toughest questions, get solutions to homework, bedtime, bullying, and defiant children. Discover how to get them to cooperate – have more fun! Each week we will discuss the topic that I shared on Facebook Live that Monday (see below for more information) and then have lots of time for questions. 

The Mindful Parenting Group Session on Tuesday night starts Oct 8th 7:30 -8:30 pm. for the weekly Zoom Group.  

Together we can create Good Looking Families where EVERYONE looks for the good in each other and have super confident, cooperative and resilient kids who believe in themselves. 


I go Live Monday 9:00 am on Facebook  
 Get tips and fresh ideas on parenting so you can have more fun with your kids and feel great about who you are.  
To view past TAGTalks on Youtube. 

Delight in being you each day knowing the gift you are to your children.

Parents, Grand Parents, Care Givers

You work so hard and care so much about your child’s future, yet they don’t seem to listen, can be disrespectful and be very uncooperative. 

Our Get Kids Cooperation and Respect Workshop will give you just what you need in 3-hours to get them listening, cooperating and being respectful. The training supports and nurtures you while giving you tools to connect, communicate and influence your child’s behavior so you can all have more fun and less stress.

Three years old child declared, “Mommy, you are the BEST mommy EVER!” after one session of Tag 4 Change Training 

Used to be an authoritative parent, now I really am focusing on TAGGING my kids and the students in my class by pointing out their Talents, Abilities, and Gifts (TAGs) . It has reduced stress & conflicts by more than 50% daily on the job and in my personal life. 

Not only is my older child back on track and achieving success at school but everyone is getting along better.  At work, since I have been guiding the kids to communicate with each other vs just giving a time out or no recess to deal with an argument, they are developing empathy and cooperating. For the first time, the kids are encouraging each other to behave. Thank you, Marty. My life is much more peaceful and work more enjoyable. Heather Walcott, Counselor and Teacher

Personal & Professional Development Melbourne Orlando Brevard County

Marty, through our work together not only I am I able to feel more confident about who I am, but also, my relationship with the ones I love has become much more nurturing and supportive. I honestly never realized how guarded I was, how much work it was and how much I was missing out on.    

The other night, my daughter’s best friend slept over. I hugged my daughter good night and then I gave her best friend a hug. She had a big smile on her face and said, “Mamma Shelley, you don’t hug, what happened?  I said,” I do now.”  She said, “ Oh I love the new Momma Shelley even more...” Wow. Thank you 
Marty for helping me open my heart to be able to give love and except love!

Personal & Professional Development Melbourne Orlando Brevard County

Civility Leadership Training

Confidence Builds Success Academy, Inc 501c3   provides free specialized Civility Leadership Training for educators and community leaders in Brevard, FL so that bullying become obsolete and civility a way of life and to schools across the country and around the world. This training compliments PBIS principles by using respectful non-punitive oriented interventions and on-going assessment of student’s needs.

Civility Leadership Training is designed for members of schools, businesses, nonprofits, families and community organizations to develop leadership, character, respect, and teamwork. As a result, a culture of civility, dignity, and harmony in all relationships will be created. 

As we look for the good in everyone by pointing out their Talents, Abilities and Gifts (TAGs)SM , we can create Good Looking SchoolsSM with Good Looking ClassesSM filled with Good Looking StudentsSM who look for the good in each other. 

Challenged with disruptive, disrespectful students? This training is a step by step proven system of personal and professional development that approaches civility from a fresh perspective. Using an evolutionary approach to Emotional Intelligence, you will be given the tools to transform challenges into learning experiences. Classroom management can become easier as children cooperate and treat you and each other with respect.

Personal & Professional Development Melbourne

Everyone feels more confident, and a greater sense of well-being. Looking for the good in others will become a way of life.

Personal & Professional Development Melbourne

Contact Marty Today. Bring her to your school or organization. Training can be customized suit your needs.



  • Fewer discipline problems so you have more time to teach.
  • Get results and cooperation even with disruptive students.
  • Feel more energized and enthusiastic throughout the day.


  • Resolve conflict with civility and respect.
  • Feel more confident and secure.
  • Less likely to hurt themselves or harm others.
  • Be more resilient in the face of adversity so they can focus on their work.
  • Believe in themselves rather than the mean words of the bully.

Certified Confidence & Success Leader ICTC Validated

Certified Confidence and Success Leader CCSL®

Certified Confidence Builds Success Leader training is designed for members of schools, businesses, nonprofits, families and community organizations to generate a culture of civility, dignity, and harmony in all relationships.

This step by step proven personal development system is carefully designed to improve professional results.Through this dynamic, interactive, engaging training you will:

  • Realize the root causes of your frustration with your business, relationships, and finances. 
  • Unleash your passion and feel rejuvenated and inspired again. 
  • Identify your core strengths and how to use them. 
  • Understand your greatest fears and challenges that are holding you back. 
  • Learn the right words to reach clients, children, and those you love because they will feel you understand them.

Many graduates declare, “I decreased stress and conflict at home and work by 50%.” In schools, teachers have experienced, “50% decrease in referrals for disciplinary action, 20 % less resistance from students to change negative behaviors, and 10% improvement in overall student grades.” 

This proven system has you believing in yourself so strongly that no one can steal your confidence.  Integration assignments, accountability partners, and 6-hours of private coaching with unlimited text, emails and phone calls ensures you can create relationships that are meaningful, fulfilling and fun, make the impact you want, and can make more money in less time and with less effort. 

This training is 3-hours per week for 8-Weeks
Dates for 2020:

January 6th – February 24th
June 1st – July 20th 
September 7th – October 26th 

Live Hours = 24 via Zoom or in person in Melbourne, FL
Integration Assignment Hours = 74 
Certification Exam Hours = 4
Total Hours 102 Hours 
Also Includes: 6- Hours Private Coaching and unlimited text, emails and phone calls 

For more details, contact Marty L Ward, 321-848-4997 or